Photo: Robert Hamacher


The warmth and shelter provided by your own four walls become perceptible directly on your skin. The home inside your home.

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Client: Pulpo, 2014


By placing a coat rack inside of an upside-down box, it gains not only a shelf surface which you can put things like gloves, hats or keys on, but it suddenly looks much tidier, even when fully laden with clothes.

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Client: FLAT, 2015

Photography: Wataru Murakami, Robert Hamacher


This triangle ruler is an answer to the constantly breaking corners of plastic set squares which most of us might remember from schooldays. Even when used with a cutter the edges won't be damaged.
The perforation of the sheet metal provides the transparency that is needed when drawing or cutting angles or parallel lines.
The set square is made out of stainless steel with precisely etched lines and numbers.

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Client: FLAT, 2015

Photography: Wataru Murakami, Robert Hamacher


It allows for the configuration of different furniture typologies like coat rack, trestle or room divider and, being variable, adapts to all kinds of spaces. It can be set up without tools and only consists of aluminum profiles and plastic fasteners. This is why it could also be seen as a tool for living, freeing its users from any type-specific, formally defined definitions and allowing them to manage the permanently changing action panorama of living in all its aspects.

I'm still looking for a producer/distributor, so let me know if you're interested in developing the project with me!

Prototype, 2014

Photography: Philip Radowitz


Giving the visual impression of solid concrete, the container is in fact made out of soft polyurethane foam. It plays with our perception of objects by coming up with an entirely different haptic than you might expect when just looking at it.

Client: FLAT, 2014

Photography: Wataru Murakami, Robert Hamacher


Its design combines a plain and unobstrusive look – when not in use – with the possibility of turning it into a convenient cooking workshop by opening up the doors or sliding aside the worktop of the kitchen island.

Häfele is a German supplier for furniture fittings and the kitchen is part of their "Meistermöbel" (master furniture) project which connects designers, cabinetmakers and clients:
The kitchen is not a serial product but custom made by local carpenters with high quality Haefele fittings. The design and construction template allows for adjustment to the clients needs while also leading to a reasonable price.

Client: Häfele, 2014


The publication contains a visual research on how material and objects transport messages and create illusions. Seven photographs show examples of spectacular everyday settings while three posters included in the set invite you to try at home.

Photography, renderings, text: Martha Schwindling
Concept, design: Martha Schwindling, Jonas Fechner
Photo retouching: Christian Ertel

The folder contains:
- 3 A1 posters, 4/0 color offset print on 135 gsm matte coated paper
- 1 A4 leporello, 8 pages, 4/4 color offset print on 300 gsm matte coated paper

Edition of 250

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Client: FLAT, 2014

Photography: Wataru Murakami, Robert Hamacher, Jonas Fechner


This dressing table provides a mirror that can be turned and tilted.
By putting the mirror aside from its traditional place in the center of a dressing table, I tried to make room for other functionalities than only making oneself up.

Client: Schoenbuch, 2012


It is a container that can be used in many positions and every status of being open ore closed or anything in between.
It is part of the kkaarrlls collection of HfG Karlsruhe.


Photography: Philip Radowitz

They come up with different unconventional opening mechanisms which reinterpret structures of classic furniture.
I designed the series as my intermediate exam project and while working on it I occupied myself a lot with proportion, material, details, possible compositions of a series and opening and closing things.
The tables are made of elm wood, veneer and linoleum.

Prototypes, 2010