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Exhibition Design for Matera European Capital of Culture


I-DEA #1
The Two Cultures. Artefacts and Archives
Curated by Mario Cresci


Photos: Pierangelo Laterza

I-DEA #2
Visione Unica. Cultures of Environmental Manipulation
Curated by Studio Formafantasma

I-DEA #3
Thauma, Atlante del Gesto
Curated by Virgilio Sieni

I-DEA #4
Il Paese di Cuccagna – The Land of Cockaigne
Curated by Navine G. Khan Dossos & James Bridle

I-DEA #5
De-Archiving Dwelling: Community, Movement(s), Harvest
Curated by Pelin Tan & Liam Gillick

I-DEA is a project of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 that explores the archives and collections of the Basilicata region from an artistic perspective.
Artists and designers with research-based practices were invited to guest curate five consecutive and overlapping exhibitions using the archive as a starting point. Drawing on seemingly disparate documents and materials, the artists delved into the archives and formulated their own readings in the form of temporary exhibitions.
The I-DEA project space evolved throughout 2019 in the form of exhibitions, performances, workshops, publications, and a growing online platform.


Martha Schwindling was the exhibition designer responsible for developing a modular display system and its various applications over the course of the five exhibitions.

  • Curators: Joseph Grima, Chiara C. Siravo
  • Design and production with Elisa Giuliano, Antonio Elettrico and Sofia Coutsoucos
  • Graphic design: Omnigroup

Guest Curators:

  • Mario Cresci
  • Formafantasma
  • Virgilio Sieni
  • Navine G. Khan-Dossos & James Bridle
  • Pelin Tan & Liam Gillick