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On and Off the Grid

Exhibition Design for Kunstverein M√ľnchen


First Presentation by Unbidden Tongues

Photos: Sebastian Kissel

Second Presentation by Eleanor Ivory Weber

“On and Off the Grid” is a new yearly program of presentations and events dedicated to various form(at)s of publishing, running from February through December 2022. Occupying the window display in the Hofgarten, and by that the only permanently accessible space of the institution, the format attempts to provide a platform for the introduction, examination, and (re-)negotiation of the materials and processes involved in publishing.

The actual space itself is structured by a modular display system. Guests are invited to work with and within this structure in order to create individual presentations and thus systems of reference that provide insights into their respective practices.

The construction is based on readymade screen holders that allow for a flexible repositioning of contents.